Symposia Structure

Area A: Functional Materials
Area Coordinator: Emmanouel Giannelis

  Title of Area / Symposium Organizer(s)
A1 Carbon-based nanomaterials Eric Anglaret
Vladimir Falko
Costas Galiotis
Maurizio Prato
A2 Innovations in Functional Nanomagnets Makis Angelakeris
Michael Farle
Panagiotis Poulopoulos
Radek Zboril 
A3 Functional Polymers and Related (Nano)Composites Jean-François Gerard
Philippe Dubois
Ton Peijs
A5 Colloidal Nanoparticles: Synthesis, functionalization and applications Antonios G. Kanaras 
Wolfgang Parak
Liberato Manna
Catherine Dendrinou Samara
A6 Advanced Materials for Space Exploration George Vekinis
Barrie Dunn
A7 Functional Nanomaterials for Novel Applications Paloma Fernández
Ana Cremades
Oliver Rader
Peter Schaaf
A8 Materials by Design Julien Varignon
Nicholas C. Bristowe
A9 Functional Membranes Volker Abetz
Katja Loos

Area B: Structural Materials
Area Coordinators: Hans-Jürgen Christ &
Gregory Haidemenopoulos

  Title of Area / Symposium Organizer(s)


Advanced High Strength Steels Wolfgang Bleck
Francisca Caballero
Ronald Schnitzer
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Light Weight Metals Michele V. Manuel
Norbert Hort
Alan Luo
Eric Nyberg
Mathieu Brochu
Frank Monheillet
B3 High-temperature alloys Srdjan Milenkovic
Shigehisa Naka
B4 Advanced properties of SPD-processed
metallic materials
Heinz Werner Höppel
Andrea Bachmaier
Anton Hohenwarter
B5 Advanced Ceramics Thomas Graule
Jerzy Tadeusz Lis
Athena Tsetsekou
Dariusz Kata
B6 Advanced Composites Aravind Dasari
Bodo Fiedler
B7 Hybrid and Metal Organic Framework (MOF) Materials  Bartolomeo Civalleri
Jin-Chong Tan
B8 High Entropy Alloys and Compositionally Complex Alloys Glatzel Uwe
Easo George
B9 Bulk Metallic Glasses Jürgen Eckert
Jörg F. Löffler
B10 Fatigue, Wear and Corrosion of Materials and Structures Georgios Savaidis
Michael Vormwald
Wolfram Fürbeth
B11 Mechanical Properties and Microstructure Tilmann Beck
Frank Walther

Area C: Processing
Area Coordinators: Nikolaos Michailidis & Ke Lu

  Title of Area / Symposium Organizer(s)
C1 Coatings and Surface Modification Techniques Elias Aperathitis
Albano Cavaleiro
Rainer Cremer
Ru Lin Peng
C2 Laser-based processing and manufacturing Robert Eason
Andrés F. Lasagni
Römer Gert-willem
Ioanna Zergioti
C3 Powder routes: from synthesis to processing Claude  Estournès
Christophe  L. Martin
C4 Additive Manufacturing Ugo Lafont
Alberto Molinari
Sebastian Piegert
Eduard Hryha
C5 Interface Design and Modelling, Wetting and High-Temperature Capillarity Simeon Agathopoulos
Fabrizio Valenza 
C6 Joining Ivan Kaban
Christof Sommitsch
C7 Steel Making Johannes Schenk
Spyros Papaeftymiou 
C8 Solidification, Casting, Foundry and Liquid Metal processing Alexandros Karantzalis
Andrew Kennedy
C9 Manufacturing Processes K.D. Bouzakis
Luca Settineri
 C10 Thermomechanical Processing, Severe Plastic Deformation and Nano-structuring G. Angella
T. Grosdidier
J. Ivanisenko
M. Krzyzanowski
 C11 Processes and Materials for Nanoelectronics Dimitris Tsoukalas
Marco Fanciulli
Alain Claverie

Area D: Characterization and Modelling
Area Coordinators: Eric Le Bourhis & Sotirios Ves

  Title of Area / Symposium Organizer(s)
D1 Materials Science with Synchrotron Radiation X-rays Federico Boscherini
Maria Katsikini
Peter D. Lee

Nanoscale Materials Characterization and Modeling by Advanced Microscopy Methods


Thomas Walther 
Georgios Dimitrakopulos
Sławomir Kret
Georgios Fourlaris
D3 Materials at extreme conditions: static or dynamic compression combined or not with low or high temperatures Jean Paul Itié
John Arvanitidis
Ilias Zouboulis
D4 Small scale mechanics, fracture,
interface, experiments and modeling
Christophe Pinna
Eric Le Bourhis
D5 Application of ICME principles in the design of structural materials Ulrich Prahl
Ernst Kozeschnik
Javier Llorca
Yu Zhong
Joint Symposium
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Multi-Length-Scale Innovations in Damage Evolution in Materials: Characterization, Modeling, and Validation  Bernard Normand
Ellen Cerreta
George T Gray III
Damien Féron
D8 Ab initio models for thermodynamic and elastic properties of advanced materials Sergei Dudarev
Martin Friak
D9 Qualification and modelling of structural and fuel materials for sustainable nuclear reactors Lorenzo Malerba
Marjorie Bertolus
Jana Kalivodová
D10 Multiscale Modeling of Materials Karakasidis Theodoros
Kalliadasis Serafim
Koumoutsakos Petros
Tserpes Konstantinos
Schmauder Siegfried

Area E: Energy and Environment
Area Coordinators: Maria Luisa Di Vona &
Emmanuel Giannelis

  Title of Area / Symposium Organizer(s)
E1 Hydrogen production, conversion, and storage Maria Luisa Di Vona
Bogdan Kuchta
Ioannis Kallitsis
Toshiyuki Mori
E2 Batteries and Supercapacitors Philippe Knauth
Isabella Nicotera
Alan V. Chadwick
Jean Scoyer
Joint Symposium
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Materials for Energy harvesting Spyros Diplas
Theodora Kyratsi
Truls Norby
Paul R. Ohodnicki
Amit Pandey
Monica Della Pirriera
Susan Schorr
João Manuel de Almeida Serra
Jianwu Sun
E4 Materials for Nuclear Energy (fusion, fission) Thierry Angot
Christian Grisolia
Dirk Engelberg
E6 Advanced Materials for Transport Applications Dirk Lehmhus
Axel von Hehl
Rene Alderliesten
Kambiz Kayvantash
Jörg Hohe
Joachim Hausmann

Area F: Biomaterials and Healthcare
Area Coordinators: Jérôme Chevalier &
María Vallet-Regí

  Title of Area / Symposium Organizer(s)
F1 Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering

Antonio Salinas
Aldo Boccaccini
Chiara Vitale-Brovarone
Katharina SchmidtBleek
Didier Letourneur

F2 Biomaterials for therapeutic delivery Miguel Manzano
Joao Mano
María Vallet-Regí
F3 Nanobiomaterials and nanotechnology for implants, devices and theranostics  Alejandro Baeza
Daniel Ruiz-Molina
María Vallet-Regí
F4 The Next Generation of Implants with Multi-functional Properties: Advanced Synthesis, Processing and Surface Modification Methods for Biomaterials Aldo Boccaccini
Pieter Cools
Laurent Gremillard
Paola Palmero
F5 Translation of biomaterials research towards innovation and product development: from concepts to clinic Jérôme Chevalier
Hakan Engqvist
Tobias Fuederer
Christophe Marquette
Corrado Piconi
F6 Bio-Inspired Materials: From structural materials towards multi-functional biomaterials. Peter Fratzl
Julian Jones
Sylvain Meille
Eduardo Saiz
Authors presenting at the symposia of Area F: "Biomaterials and Healthcare" will be invited to submit their papers to a special issue to be published in the Open Access journal "Materials". Guest editors: A. R. Boccaccini, J. Chevalier, M. Vallet-Regi

Area G: Education and Technology Transfer
Area Coordinator: Heinrich Hofmann

  Title of Area / Symposium Organizer(s)
G1 Competences and basic knowledge in the
Paloma Fernández
G2 Key material fields for modern curricula H.M. Polatoglou
Mébarek Alouani
Michael Finnis
G3 Critical Materials in Design, Manufacturing and Recycling Margarethe Hofmann
G4 Transferable skills for Masters and PhD’s in Material science Heinrich Hofmann
Emmanuel Giannelis

Area H: Raw Materials
Area Coordinators: Bart Blanpain & Patrice Turchi

  Title of Area / Symposium Organizer(s)
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Critical Materials: Impact on Near-term Advanced Energy Technologies Orlando Rios
P. E. A. Turchi
Iver Anderson
Steve Constantinides
Roderick Eggert
H2 Sustainable Production of (Critical) Materials

Dimitrios Panias
Mishra Brajendra
Guo Muxing
 H3 Materials Life Cycle Approach and Flow AnalysisESM logo-1   
Margarethe Hofmann-Amtenbrink
Alessandra Hool
Roland Gauß
Guido Sonnemann