Matchmaking Event

A novelty is introduced during EUROMAT 2017 to boost networking opportunities. Participants are invited to join EUROMAT 2017 Matchmaking Event and further explore new cooperation possibilities.

The Matchmaking Event is organised by PRAXI Network and MIRTEC S.A. (both members of the Enterprise Europe Network - Hellas) in the framework of the European Congress and Exhibition EUROMAT 2017, in order to provide an opportunity for research, technology and business partnerships in the fields of Advanced Materials and Processes.

The event will take place on September 20th, 2017 in Conference Cultural Centre “Thessaloniki Concert Hall”, Thessaloniki, Greece.

The aim of the Matchmaking Event is to provide a platform for bilateral meetings between technology developers and technology users in order to foster research, technology and business cooperation in the fields of advanced materials and processes. 


How to register

You may register and create your cooperation profile here: 


Target groups

Scientists and entrepreneurs, developers and engineers, as well as companies, end-users of Advanced Materials and Processes will be able to review recent developments, identify outstanding needs and solutions for their business.

The event aims to provide a unique opportunity for the participating organisations to:

  • present their know-how and innovative technologies
  • find new technological solutions
  • meet potential business partners
  • find partners for collaborative European R&D projects
  • meet and establish cross-border contacts

Areas of interest for the Matchmaking Event will include:

  •  Functional Materials
  • Structural Materials 
  • Processing
  • Characterization and Modelling
  • Energy and Environment
  • Biomaterials and Healthcare
  • Education and Technology Transfer
  • Raw Materials

The Matchmaking process
Participants will be invited to register and submit their research, technology and / or business cooperation profiles in the Matchmaking Event platform. Through the platform, participants will choose their potential partners and book their meetings, creating a personal schedule of pre-arranged meetings. The meeting schedule will be available to the participants  few days before the event.


Technical and organisational aspects
The Matchmaking Event will follow the specifications of the Enterprise Europe Network, the largest business support network in Europe and beyond, active in more than 60 countries.The technical aspects of the Matchmaking Event will be managed by the Enterprise Europe Network partners.


Contact Information: 
Vaya Piteli, Physicist, Technology Transfer Consultant
PRAXI Network, FING, 1 Morichovou Sq., 546 25 Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel.: (+30) 2310 552790, 2310 552791

Alexandra Gika, MSc, Physicist & Nikos Kanatsoulis, Chem. Engineer
MIRTEC S.A. 76, M. Merkouri Str., Agios Dimitrios, 173 42, Greece
Tel.: (+30) 210 9948432

Organized by: